10 actions for the next 100 days

10 actions for the next 100 days

Five million people around the world stood up and raised their voices at the Women’s March on January 21st, according to the organizers. Women showed - again - how powerful they are and sent a bold message to governments that women's rights are human rights, and they will not give them up.

So, was it enough? Does the march end here?

Nope. Not at all. The movement has already launched a new campaign: 10 Actions for the first 100 Days. The official movement website says that “now is not the time to hang up our marching shoes - it’s time to get our friends, family and community together and make history”.

For the first action, launched right after the march, they are inviting we all to write and send a postcard to our Senators about what matters most to us. The organization is even offering a postcard template and a search engine so you can know who are your Senators based on your zip code - if you are in the U.S. Here you have it.

Every 10 days they will launch a new action to be taken. This is definitely a nice guideline on what to do to keep this incredible movement alive. But remember, you can go beyond this 10 actions proposed by the Women’s March. You can do something every single day to end violence against women and to support equal rights.

Search for organizations in your community that are working to empower women and join them. Support who is offering solutions to end gender based violence. Support and believe in survivors! Stand against all kinds of sexism, bigotry, racism, on the streets, at work, everywhere! Building a better, safer and more equal world is an everyday job. So let’s get back to work!


*Header image by Narya Marcille.

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