4 questions to Men of Womens March

4 Questions to the movement Men of Women’s March

It will not be the first time that women stand together in a massive march for equal rights, opportunities and safety. It happened last year in Latin America with the movement Ni Una Menos, just to quote a recent example. Although, the Women’s March scheduled for this Saturday, 21st, could be the most expressive protest ever. Why is that?

Almost 300 marches will occur. They are mostly in the United States, but they will also happen in other cities in over than 30 countries across the globe. Over 200.000 people have already confirmed their participation only to the event in Washington D.C. Besides, women are not alone in this road towards equality.

“Men owe it to the women in our life to show them your ability to march with out of respect and solidarity”, said by email the representant of the movement Men of Women’s March. “Without women NONE of us would be here. It's that simple.” According to them, they are “men who stand in solidarity with the women in our lives who are attending the Women’s March”.

One of our Kwema app users, Phoebe Patricia who is the Lead Organizer for Women's March on Washington - Michigan said that, "We're all in this together. It is imperative that the men in our lives stand beside us during this historic March. In order to make progress we need men to be in board.. so that they can make decisions that honor women.. and teach that to their children."

The march will be a powerful message that women will not tolerate sexist comments and attitudes anymore. No more gender based violence, no more unequal job opportunities. Women have come together to fight for their rights. And guess what? Women are not alone. Men have joined this battle and stand with us.

We talked via email with the Men of Women’s March. Check out what they say about their initiative:

How did the idea of creating Men of Women's March came up?

MENofWM was created after it was discovered that there was a common misconception that the Women's March was for women only. MENofWM gave men a place to congregate and share stories and planning/travel details relating to the D.C. march and the other 280+ sister marches scheduled for 1/21.

Why do you think it's important that men  support the march?

Look, without women NONE of us would be here. It's that simple. All they are asking for is to be heard, understood, and respected. We don't think that's too much to ask. Old white men in Washington politics get that ten fold every day.

What kind of feedback have you received so far?

The response to MENofWM has been absolutely overwhelming. So much so that we've had to hire additional staff to keep up with requests. Our reps are working tirelessly to offer support to men around the world who want to take part in what they know is right. We have had multiple requests both nationally and internationally to continue beyond 1/21, so we're trying to implement a way to make that happen. We have assisted with travel itineraries, matched individuals for ride share opportunities, secured housing for marchers, recruited march ambassadors and marshalls, and linked sister march representatives with interested parties in their community. Along with providing a sounding board for innovative ideas about how to be most effective and make the biggest footprint in regards to messaging in the media. The response has been great! For every 200 supportive messages of encouragement, there's always one misogynistic comment from a male who feels demasculinized by the title Women's March and feels the need to piss on everyone's parade. Those individuals don't bother us in the least. It means we're doing our job!

What would you say to summon men to the march?

You owe it to the women in your life to show them your ability to march with out of respect and solidarity. You have to see every woman involved as someone's mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or friend. They are owed respect.


*Header image by Claire Lampen/Mic 



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