It's Time to Take Action

It’s Time To Take Action

I must confess. I’ve been excited with all the achievements I’ve been seeing regarding to the fight against sexual assaults on College campuses in the US. Let me tell you why. A few days ago I talked by email with the Director of It’s On Us, the White House’s initiative to end this kind of violence on campus, and she mentioned that over 350.000 people had taken the pledge supporting the initiative by that day. Last month, also by email, one of the directors of Men Can Stop Rape said that their latest campaign, called “Where do you stand?”, focused on college men, had been adopted by over 300 campuses across the United States.

It was a great scenario, right? But earlier this week I was skimming through our twitter feed and I saw this horrendous tweet posted by a college student: “I've been at school for 9 days and I've already received 2 campus safety emails saying 2 students have been sexually assaulted I'm disgusted”. Outrageous! Unfortunately these incidents are still happening a lot.

Initiatives like It’s On Us and Men Can Stop Rape are definitely doing a good job, they have generated a huge wave of awareness. The problem regarding to sexual assaults on campuses has never been this much discussed before, and they definitely should keep moving forward. However, what we need to see as of now is people actually taking action to end this violence. The vast majority wants to study in a safe place, right? So the vast majority needs to do something together.

That’s exactly what Kwema proposes. We want to create the safety network so anyone can provide help in emergency situations, anytime and anywhere. Research say that 8% of college men are responsible for more than 90% of the assaults. The bad guys are a small group and the good guys are a huge group. Imagine if every single person that wants to study in a safe campus could take action to end sexual assaults? Imagine the power of this crowd! Can we do this together? We believe we can. We believe that together we are stronger. Let’s crowd source the world we want to live in.


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