"Kwema has a solution to fight insecurity." Meet Or Tuvia our CMO

2013, Tel Aviv, Israel

It’s 3AM, the sound of a knock wakes me up and all my senses become sharp. I hear the sound of footsteps in my apartment.

What should I do? Call my father, the police? Holding scissors, I open my door just to find my roommate trying to sneak back home. That night I couldn’t sleep, this situation made me reflect on how many times I feel unsafe in my everyday life: walking alone at night, public transportation, traveling around the world in new places and even in my own bed.

How it is possible that there is no satisfying solution yet? There should be an easier way to call for help in case of an emergency...


Back then, I was young and inexperienced. After a few meetings, I realized that a startup needs much more than a good idea.


2018, Miami, USA

I met Carmiña and Ali at the Emerge conference. A month later she invited me to bbq, I was kind of ambivalent: 1.5 of Uber alone, to the house of people that I barely know, is this a scam?! I was happy to find out it wasn’t. It was my destiny to meet these two people who share the same vision - make women feel safe, wherever they go, and she and Ali found the way to make this vision become a reality.


There was just one missing link, bringing this vision worldwide; to start building safer communities around the world.I was willing to leave everything I knew behind to be part of creating a safer world. My name is Or Tuvia and now I’m part of Kwema.


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