Hide a spoon in your underwear charities tell women fearing forced marriage


A campaign created by a charity in the United Kingdom called Karma Nirvana created a stratety for women to prevent forced marriage or genital mutilation (FGM = female genital mutilation).

The campaign encourages women to hide a spoon inside their underwear and when they go through a metal detector in an airport, bus station or train station, the alarms will go on and the person with the spoon will be taken to another room to be questioned away from her family or from the person accompanying her.

This method of hiding a spoon is innovative and totally discreet, and its implementation can go further than saving girls who are forced to marry or suffer genital mutilation, victims of human trafficking can make use of spoons to escape this terrible fate. Using this strategy, people can denounce their situation and allow authorities to intervene in case some boy, girl, woman or man is traveling through a border, airport, or bus station heading to another country to be sold, exploited or any way to be criminalized without knowing what will become of them.


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