Meet Team Kwema: Bren

One night, I walked home alone on a desolate and dark street. It was around 9:00pm when a taxi began to honk at me, I kept walking faster. A man shouted “I’ll give you a lift!”, giving me a horrible feeling. In the distance I see my mother staring at me, we both ran to each other and she walked me the rest of the way home. Today I wonder if only my mom would have taken a few more seconds to see me, what would have happened, if the Lord had lowered, if I had followed or closed the way with the car, would I still be here? Unfortunately, this is only the most recent story of mine. It's experiences like these that make me realize that I am not alone in this. I live in Ecatepec, known as “the worst place to live in Mexico as a woman”, where even going to the store could result in you never coming back. These are the realities of living in most parts of Mexico. Through the many times that I have feared or been frustrated not being able to go out with friends or having to stay in because it was too late to be out on the street, I kept wondering what I could do. When I was invited to join Kwema, I realized that they provided an opportunity to help others who live in the same fear as I do. Now I am a part of the Kwema Community, and I invite you to join a movement that strives to make an impact.


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