Meet Team Kwema: Gabo

I live in a country where the woman is a pillar in the family, gives support and encourages her partner in their daily activities and challenges; often she carries her children on her shoulder and takes them forward; Thanks to her, most of us prepare ourselves and we become the people we are now.
It is therefore outrageous that in this same country where women have such an important role in society, the disappearance of one of them is common, the abuses and mistreatment to which they are subjected, it is outrageous to hear the little effort the authorities make to find them, I do not know about you but to me, this fills me with rage and frustration. So when they invited me to be part of a group that would develop a solution that can prevent this situation from escalating, preventing it and even saving a life, without thinking twice I joined them.

We are committed to this solution, we have developed it in several parts of the world, I personally met our CEO (Carmiña Santamaría) 6 months after starting the project, we worked at a distance with the same vision, we worked for results that lead us today to offer a viable solution to this problem.

I am Gabriel Garcia and as part of the Kwema team, I am convinced that the main thing is the safety of women, that they feel safe walking anywhere and at any time; We are encouraging the creation of safer communities, that when a member feels threatened, send an alert and all the people around, upon receiving this information, can offer the help that is required.

Now we want you, be part of this community, join.


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