Meet team kwema: Flore

Those who know me know that I like to go out, either to bars, dancing, or even a friend's house and continue the party. Everyone tells me to be careful; to not wear provocative clothing, to not drink too much, to not walk alone at night, to not accept drinks from strangers (including water offered in an Uber), to not talk to strangers, and the list goes on. I always try to follow this advice when I go out, but what happens when I stop paying attention to these rules?

Recently, I was assaulted. They took my bag and all of my belongings. I accept that this happened to me for not paying attention to what I already knew: for walking in the street late at night. However, to be honest that wasn’t the worst part, beyond the things that I lost, what annoyed me the most was that people told me "you were lucky". At first I didn’t understand, but after thinking it over I realized that many women have been in the same situation and never return to their homes. The last you see of them is their face on a poster. Yes, the truth is that I was lucky, very lucky.

It is for this reason among others, that I decided to join Kwema. When Carmiña told me about Kwema, I had never heard of anything like it. A company concerned with the safety of women? Something I had never heard of before, especially in Mexico where there are tens of thousands of cases of violence. The situation in which we live, at least in Mexico City, is getting worse every day. I believe we are getting to a place where we can no longer rely only on the authorities to help us. Therefore it will never be too late to start taking care of eachother, in whatever way possible.

Don’t wait for something to happen to you, don’t think that it will never happen to you. It’s never too late to take care of yourself.

Like I did, I invite you too, to join the Kwema community.


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