#NoSoloEsMarcela: The new campaign raising awareness of the disappearance of women in Mexico.

The premiere of Luis Miguel's series caused a fury among the Mexican public and around the world, as well as bringing to light unknown details about the singer's life. During its transmission through Netflix, each chapter was the topic of conversation on social media as well as television gossip programs. But among all the controversies of the life of the star of Mexico, the disappearance of his mother was what kept all of the viewers up at night. Each chapter we waited and waited for him to reveal where Marcela was.

We must keep in mind that the disappearance of Marcela Bastieri transcends everything that fiction could give us in the series; the last clue you are given is of a meeting in Madrid, Spain with Luis Rey, father of Luis Miguel. Just after, a non-violence twitter project reminded us of the relevance of this topic, acknowledging that Marcela is not the only one who has disappeared.

In March, the National Registry of Data on Missing or Disappeared Persons (RNPED) published that in Mexico, 8,945 women have disappeared between 2008 and 2017, of which 625 were found dead.

"The forced disappearance of a human being is one of the many forms of violence that exist, but in Mexico it has multiplied to the point that they no longer surprise us, and that is why we wanted to take advantage of the dissemination that this series is creating to remind Mexico that the problem is getting worse" the foundation said in a statement.

Among the most important pieces in Marcela’s case, it reminds us that a disappearance can happen to anyone, from a person with a common job to the mother of one of the most famous artists in the world. It has been 32 years without knowing the whereabouts of Marcela but on average every 90 minutes a person in Mexico is reported missing. In addition, 3,217 of the cases correspond to girls between 0 and 17 years of age. The outcome of all these women and girls can be any, the risk of being abducted, sexually exploited, or end up in a network of human trafficking until being killed. This is the reality we all face just for being women, we must never forget  #NoSoloEsMarcela, #SomosTodas.


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