5 Smart Fashion Items That Will Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever dreamed of your accessories making your life easier? From Bra’s that give you fitness advice to jewelry that helps keep you safe, soon technology will enter every aspect of your daily life.

Wearable technologies have been around for a long time. What has changed is that now they are being redesigned to become more stylish, so that everyone can feel proud to wear them. Large technology companies like Google and Microsoft are partnering with fashion companies like Levi’s and Nike to redesign how we interact with our clothing and accessories. The capacities of these new “smart” products range from fitness, comfort, safety, and even convenience. Now that technology companies are pairing with fashion enterprises, wearables are starting to become integrated into everyday style.

The capabilities of these new ‘smart’ products are diverse according to the market in which they are targeted. However, all are designed under the same mission: to make our lives easier.

Here is a list of our 5 favourite wearable technologies:

Comfortable for training:  SUPA Powered Bra

This brassiere is one of the more unique wearables we have seen. The inside of the fabric contains a heart rate sensor that can transmit data right to your phone. SUPA gives fitness insights and exercise tips to those who wear it. This wearable is without a doubt changing the way we treat fitness.


Keeping You Safe: Kwema

Have you ever been scared while you walk on the streets or have you ever been harassed for somebody and didn’t know what to do? Kwema is an accessory designed by women, for women. At first sight, Kwema seems like just another fashionable bracelet, but its really a device that connects to your phone via bluetooth, capable of sending out your location in the event of an emergency. Just push the hidden panic button and our application will immediately let your loved ones, as well as any other Kwema app users in the area that you need help.  


Augmented reality: Google Glass

The glasses of augmented reality from Google were launched to the market in 2012, this device has a camera, microphone and wifi and bluetooth connection, it has the capability of reflecting projected images as well as allowing the user to see through it. In the next video you will learn how it works.


Smart clothes: Jacquard by Google x Levi’s

Winner of this year’s SXSW wearable technology award, the Jacquard project is on everyone’s radar. This jacket from Levi’s integrates technology made by Google inorder to create the ultimate commuter jacket. This wearable has wireless connection with iOS and Android mobiles, using controls based on gestures and movements to customize a plethora of different functionalities such as making calls, playing music, and even getting directions.

Reinventing Music: Cutecircuit

Since 2004, Cutecircuit has been working on blending fashion with technology to create wearables with diverse purposes. One of their most interesting projects is designing a jacket specifically for deaf people. This jacket converts audio transmissions into diverse sensations that would allow one with a hearing impairment to experience music physically.

Como lo ves el futuro ya está alcanzándonos, entonces ¿qué esperas para sumergirte dentro del universo de la tecnología wearable?

Which of these wearables catches your eye the most? Comment below!


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