The story of how Mónica was kidnapped in Mexico

Mónica was a very rebellious girl at only 15 years old, just as any girl her age, she liked to have fun. Sometimes she would go out all night and not return for any sleep. Unlike others, she did not study or work, which caused many problems with her parents, who were always worried about her.

However, one day it was different, Monica did not return home, her parents started looking for her among her friends but they could not find her. After a few hours, they received a strange call from people saying they kidnapped Monica and asked for a large ransom.

At first, her parents thought it was completely absurd to think they were being asked for a ransom, because they were never considered to be people with that kind of money. Monica's father worked as a watchman in a warehouse of the Central de Abastos, with a salary that was barely enough to live day-by-day. However, Monica still did not return.
The next day, the kidnappers sent pictures of Monica, where she appeared with her hands tied and blindfolded, sitting on an old mattress. The images came accompanied by a call that demanded payment to release her. Immediately the parents were convinced this was no longer a joke. Since they didn’t have the money to pay, they filed a report of the kidnapping.

At the same time, the Investigation Division of the Federal Police was carrying out leads to find similar kidnappers in the area. Within their investigation, they found an area of ​​Mexico City, where several individuals allegedly engaged in kidnapping were located, as well as an address that was supposedly used as a safe house. This made the police suspect that there may be a hostage inside this safe house.

After considering various elements of the investigation, a mission was planned to act as soon as possible. The operative group expert in attention to the kidnapping used the surprise factor to neutralize and arrest five of the presumed kidnappers. Another group entered the place, where they found Monica tied by hands and with her eyes blindfolded.

Upon realizing the presence of the police, Monica began to shout "I am kidnapped! Something was done to me in the hand!". The victim had her hand bandaged, because hours before, his captors had her finger amputated, with the intention of sending it to his family as proof of life.

Monica was immediately taken to the hospital where she met with her family. Making the report of her kidnapping helped Monica get out alive and reunite with her family.
Reporting crimes helps other people avoid being victims of crime. In case of kidnapping or extortion, report to 088 (in Mexico), you can also dial 911.
Do not forget your safety, and the safety of the ones you love is the most important thing you have.


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