8 tips for travel alone

The adventure that comes out of traveling is an experience that excites us all. Exploring the unknown, meeting new cultures, eating new dishes and meeting new people is something that is very rewarding. However, traveling alone can undoubtedly be one of the greatest experiences you could ever have. It is a true test of maturity and responsibility.Traveling alone not only helps us discover more about ourselves, but we also learn to make our own decisions of what we want to do and when we want to do it.

However, traveling alone exposes us to various types of risk. That is why we{re sharing 8 tips to follow when traveling alone, so no matter where you go you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

1. Plan your itinerary
Before arriving to your destination, plan which places you want to visit, what you want to do, and which day you plan to do it. This includes lodging and places to eat, which will facilitate your movements when you are in unknown places.

2. Do not forget your security device
It is always important that you feel safe wherever you go. That is why Kwema made a bracelet that is able to send your exact location, no matter where you are in the world, to your family and friends in just 3 seconds.

  1. Maintain communication
    The safest thing you can do is update your loved ones with your trip itinerary, especially if it changes. You can also share photos on social networks and tag your location to give signs of life and assure your friends that you are having the best time ever!

    4. Observe your surroundings
    When traveling alone, you should always be aware of everything around you. It’s important to know and be able to locate busy areas, emergency services, local phones, and especially those around you.

    5. Secure your documents and money
    Wherever you go, bring your passport, identification, and money with you. Don’t forget to make copies of your ID, because if you lose them, they’ll be a lot easier to replace than the original.

    6. Avoid night walks
    No matter how safe the locals may say the town is, remember that you are still a foreigner, and it still may not be safe for you to walk around at night. We’re not saying don’t go out, just be careful, try to avoid walking alone at night or in uncrowded areas.

    7. Join more travelers
    During your adventure you will surely meet travelers like yourself. Try to explore together and get to know them, these relationships can last a lifetime.

    8. Do not look like a tourist
    Try not to be on your phone out in public, always keep them tucked away. If you get lost, check your map inside a cafe or store.


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