Women, fear and solutions

Women are looking for solutions to enhance their safety.


Here is Why...

Have you ever thought how it’s like to be a woman walking alone at night? Or even at day light. If you are a girl, you have probably felt it more than once or twice. But if you are a man, this reflexion might be new for you, so pay attention.

First of all, let me explain why I decided to write this blog post. A few weeks ago, an online magazine published an article about a wearable device made to enhance women’s personal safety. With the article, the magazine asked to its readers: “Is this a great idea or paranoia?”. Side note, it was published in Brazil, where a woman is raped every 11 minutes according to the Brazilian National Forum of Public Security. Anyway, female comments on the article were saying that the wearable device was a good solution. Male comments were mostly saying it was paranoia. Why?

Well, basically because men usually don’t have a clue about the fear that we feel very often when we are walking alone on the streets or even on campus, a place that was supposed to be safe enough. And it’s not only me saying that these are scary situations. Let’s see…

I recently watched a Youtube video published by BuzzFeed that has more than 3.6 million views. It shows a group of girls talking about their fear in the streets at night and the solutions that they came up to feel safe. The video description says “You may be surprised by what they do to feel safe.” Yes, it’s shocking.

“I dial 911 and have it ready as I’m walking”, says one girl. “Sometimes, when I go out at night, I make sure I have my running shoes on”, says another. “I put my keys in between my knuckles and be just like Wolverine, like ready to go”, says a third girl.

A recent survey done by Gallup found out that almost half of women worldwide don’t feel safe walking alone at night in their own neighborhood. In Latin America, in countries like Brazil and Mexico the situation is a lot worse. According to the same study, more than 60% of women feel fear when they need to walk alone at night.

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that something really wrong is going on. Women shouldn’t live with these kind of concerns and fear everyday. We shouldn’t be creating improvised self-made solutions to feel safe at night, and if we are, it clearly means that we need a smart solution to help us. Walking with the 911 dialed is not the best thing to do in emergencies.

That being said, imagine a network of people ready to come to your aid at the push of a button be it on your phone, smartwatch or even better on a discreet wearable device. Awesome right? Well that's what tech can do for you today!

You can stay seated in front of your computer thinking that tech solutions to create a safer environment aren’t necessary. In the meanwhile, girls are walking with keys in between their knuckles to fight back if they have to. In the meanwhile, statistics shows that we need to end gender based violence. You can stay seated and do nothing, or you can stand up and start being part of the solution now. It’s up to you. Which one do you want to be?


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