4 benefits of tech adoption of panic buttons

Workplace violence is on the rise and keeping workers safe is crucial for their mental health, productivity and integrity. While healthcare facilities can implement multiple actions so that employee safety is met, today we'll talk about one: panic buttons. This blog explores the first benefits to be noticed when providing this technology to nurses. 

1.  Improve in-site communication

One way that effectiveness can be improved with tech adoption of panic button systems is through the use of advanced communication technology that improves communication among the team. This facilitates both managers and employees' jobs. 

For example the Kwema Smart Badge Reel™  calls for help within 3 seconds of pressing the button. This can ensure that responders are alerted as quickly as possible, which can be crucial in a crisis situation.

2. Address emergency situations more effectively and quickly by keeping track and control of them. 

Another way panic button systems enhance effectiveness of hospitals' safety plans is through the use of location-based services, such as GPS. It provides a more precise tracking, rather than having to rely on potentially incomplete or inaccurate information from the person calling for help.

This can help ensure first responders will to reach the scene of the emergency more quickly and effectively.

3. Response protocols are previously established so that calling for help is almost automatic. 

Finally, another way to improve effectiveness with tech adoption of panic buttons is through the use of automation. Panic buttons can be programmed to automatically alert the appropriate authorities or responders based on the type of emergency that has been reported.  

This can help ensure that the appropriate response is mobilized as quickly as possible and stay compliant with your safety plans and protocols. 

Overall, tech adoption can significantly improve the effectiveness of panic button systems in safety response. By leveraging advanced communication technology, location-based services, and automation, panic button systems can help ensure emergency responders are alerted quickly and accurately, and are able to reach the scene of the emergency as efficiently as possible. 

Depending on the choice you make, more benefits may come with panic button implementation. 

For instance, 

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