About Us

Welcome to Kwema!  To understand Kwema's goals, let's take a look at some statistics.

  • 40,000 kidnappings involving business travelers are reported each year.
  • 29% of theft and assault happens to traveling sales reps.
  • 1,000 employees die on the job daily.  
  • Over $1 Billion Dollars is paid weekly in Workers Compensation Claims.


      Kwema is a Swahili word, an African language, which translates to "I'm safe, I'm fine", and this is the feeling that Kwema wants to convey around the world.  Kwema is run by a small, but dedicated team!



      Our History

      At the end of 2015, a young woman who was a close friend of Kwema's Co-Founder, was abducted in broad daylight while she was on her way home from the airport in a city of Bolivia.  The news of her disappearance became viral in less than 36 hours, so the kidnappers left her lying on the street while she was still semiconscious.  Seeking to make a difference in crimes and safety issues such as this, Kwema was founded. 

      Kwema’s products are wearable security systems, which allow people to ask for help easily and discreetly.  Kwema’s devices were originally designed to prevent Gender Based Violence. However, we realized that there is a bigger need and others who could also benefit from our products and that's why Kwema is bringing safety to workers around the world.