4 unsafe workplace practices that every professional must avoid

All workers should feel protected and secure from all different risks they can be exposed at their workplace. However, maintaining a safe work environment can be a difficult task because sometimes we conduct wrong practices that don’t allow us to easily identify potential hazards until they occur. But if we can spot the real problems, we can entirely avoid all kinds of accidents at the workplace.

In the following infographic, you can learn some of the most common practices and attitudes that damage workplace safety, and every professional must avoid.

4 unsafe workplace practices that every professional must avoid

Kwema builds safer workplaces by providing safety wearables to employees who are exposed to potential risks and hazards at their job every day. Our safety devices activate an emergency protocol alerting safety supervisors or 911 and are designed to avoid adoption hurdles and training costs.

Recently, we have integrated Contact Tracing functionality that helps to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreaks at workplaces and puts employee’s privacy first. If someone is diagnosed positive for COVID-19, our technology allows you to trace where the employee was, identify who they may have come into contact with and classify all employees into 3 groups of risk and take action to prevent spread.  

Watch how Kwema is disrupting workplace safety
What is an unsafe work practice?  What causes unsafe acts in the workplace?  What are some unsafe working conditions?



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