5 key considerations to prepare a communication plan for your reopening

As we have seen in recent days, more and more businesses across the country are reopening. Not only do employers have to implement safety measures and controls in the workplace but also determine which is the best way to communicate future plans and strategies due to the pandemic. In these times of uncertainty and disinformation, it is necessary to project confidence and security to employees, customers and the community. In order to do so, employers have to provide information on how company activities are aligned with health protocols in order to halt Covid-19 spread and keep everybody involved safe.

If you believe it is time to get back to your business, you should not miss these five key considerations to prepare a solid communication plan for the reopening. These considerations are based on the Reopening Guide and Resources of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Keep regular communication

It is important to maintain regular communication with employees and customers to let them know all changes and modifications in business practices and policies. For instance, employees must be informed about new work practices and guidelines for health and safety as well as all adjustments in their work schedule during this pandemic. On the other hand, you must communicate to your customers all instructions related with how to pick-up products, delivery process and how in-store shopping will be conducted and what are the hygienic practices and recommendations they have to perform.

Use multiple communication channels

Make sure your official communications and messages are widely received and reinforced by using multiple communication channels. Consider updating the business website, creating frequent posts in social media profiles as well as sending newsletters or text messages for your customers. Communicate corporate announcements and updates to your employees through the intranet, email, video conference or bulletin boards while you main safe distancing.

Be transparent

Employees and customers expect transparency during these difficult times. Reopening your business may produce doubts regarding the way you are going to manage business activities. For this reason, you have to be prepared to answer anything. In the case of customers, you can demonstrate to them you are interested in answering their questions and concerns by creating a FAQ document which provides specific information including health and safety practices and supply chain management.

Be coherent

Make sure all employees are following the new safety practices and changes you have implemented in your workplace. This is especially important when customers and visitors are in the facilities. For example, if an employee is not wearing protection equipment properly at work, people can assume that there is a lack of preparation in your health and safety efforts. Moreover, employees could be at higher risk of exposure to Covid 19. 

Stay informed

Finally, continue to monitor official websites such as OSHA, World Health Organization and Centers for Control Disease in order to stay updated on employee safety concerns.

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