5 ways to reduce stress at work

National Stress Awareness Day is a sponsored event by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). Building up chronic stress from our daily lives has proven to lead to impared cognitive and psychological functions. Every first Wednesday of November, we are reminded of the importance of taking a deep breath and honoring rest for the benefit of a healthy work-life balance.
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Risks of having a stressed staff 

Employee wellness programmes are just one of the ways to maintain a healthy workplace environment. However, the pandemic in particular has made this task increasingly difficult. Rules and restrictions throughout the facility can often be seen as invasive and create a sense of isolation and loneliness which may persist even after returning to on-site work. If not addressed properly by management, stressful workplace environments can result in a negative impact on employee retention and the company itself. 

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5 ways to rethink safety & security practices in your workplace

  1. Use workflows that support your daily operations and make general processes easier. 
  2. Increase the connection between workers by promoting meetings or non-work related activities. These strategies can foster a sense of culture within the company and promote more efficient team work.
  3. Implement employee-friendly policies that take absences, compromises, illnesses, accidents or emergencies into account .
  4. Practice transparent communication, especially about financial standing and company news. Employees who are left in the dark on sensitive subjects tend to overstress and underperform at their job.   
  5. Embrace new technology and other tools that make our jobs easier. Tools for HR as well as gadgets that improve safety and security in the workplace are largely welcomed by employees and make them feel more at home.

When it comes to reducing employee stress, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Over at Kwema, we’re constantly molding our devices and protocols to be as employee-centric as possible. Being able to call for help in just 3 seconds is just a small step in lifting tremendous weight off of the shoulders of employees. Treat their safety as your priority and you will begin to see results. Learn more of how to mitigate workers stress here:


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