Many people commute long distances for their job, and it is common to also utilize public transit. When using public transportation, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times to stay as safe as possible. Women who travel independently can be at higher risk of experiencing violence or harassment. Nearly 65% of women do NOT carry any kind personal safety device while traveling to and from work. The following tips are good to keep in mind during your commute for those living in both urban and rural areas:

  • Carry keys in your hand. Keys in hand makes for less time being vulnerable standing outside looking for them.
  • Stay alert at all times. Don’t walk with your head down, wear headphones or be absorbed in your cell phone. Don’t carry valuables in plain sight.
  • Trust your gut - if you feel like someone is stalking you, alert someone or contact authorities immediately. If possible, walk into a public place that’s well-lit and has customers, such as a gas station or store.
  • Carry an emergency car kit and keep pepper spray or other safety tools accessible when in the car. 
  • If a stranger volunteers to help you with a car issue or other problem, make sure their intentions are good. If someone is aggressively insistent in helping you, this could be a red flag!
  • If taking public transportation, avoid waiting outside at bus stops or train stations when there aren't a lot of other people around. Most transit departments have apps now that tell you when a bus or train is approaching so you can plan ahead, and wait in a building nearby until your ride is almost there.

These are just a few tips that could help you in certain situations while commuting. The goal is to not look like a target to potential criminals and to stay as low-key as possible. 

Kwema mitigates many of the safety risks commuters face by providing discreet wearables that can activate an emergency protocol in 3 seconds. Our technology is designed to avoid adoption hurdles and training costs by being placed in something many employees already wear. With our smart badge holder and smart bracelet, we have already prevented and de-escalated crimes and incidents nationally and internationally, in many different industries. 


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