Important Tips to Effectively Communicate Safety Protocol

In the previous edition of our blog, we discussed the importance of communication in the context of mental health for fostering a healthy workplace environment. This week, we investigate this topic even further and get to the bottom of the disconnect between employees and leadership when it comes to safety.


The workplace has always been vulnerable to risk no matter what industry your company falls under. Although the type of danger employees experience may vary, the need to address health and safety in the workplace is applicable to all. Thanks to organizations like OSHA, employers are now required to confront their safety-strategies head on. Implementing an effective protocol, which many companies succeed at, is just one step, communicating that protocol is the other.


Safety and security practices are largely developed at the higher levels of management and implemented via streams of mass communication. Oftentimes this information is not absorbed by employees simply due to the way it’s communicated in the first place. Here are a few tips you can use to change how your safety protocol is communicated among your team members:

  • Clear and Concise: Formulate a protocol that employees will remember. Bullet points, imagery, and icons are your friend!
  • Communicate in person (if possible): Mass emails are not personable and reinforce the disconnect between management and employees. If you can, attend team meetings and show workers you are truly invested in their safety.
  • Listen: While communicating safety protocol, take a moment to listen to the needs of your employees when it comes to safety since they are the one’s mostly affected by the procedures.

Safety should be a communally driven effort. When everyone is invested in their own safety and the safety of others, it makes for a healthier workplace and, in turn, a more productive one. When building the Kwema Smart Badge™, we spent hours upon end conversing not only with security managers but the employees themselves to ensure everyone’s needs were being met. We developed a device and a protocol that’s seamless to adopt and shows employees that their management is taking an active role in their safety.

Learn more about the Kwema’s Smart Badge™ and safety protocols here:



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