Nurses Driving Change: Advocating for Workplace Safety at AONL 2024

This time, AONL brought us together in New Orleans, where the pulse of the industry beat alongside the rhythm of music, the flavors of food, and the colors of art. Nurses gathered in this lively scene to learn, connect, and advocate for themselves and their peers, demonstrating leadership and determination to drive change in the industry's safety approach.


The Current State of Nurse Safety

Nurses face persistent challenges in the workplace, ranging from verbal abuse to physical threats. 

With a nurse deficit of approximately 1.1 million nurses, more than eight in 10 nurses have experienced at least one type of workplace violence within the past year.  Only 29.5% of nurses reported that their employer has staff available at all times to respond to workplace violence and a mere 17% reported that their employer places additional staff to reduce the risk of incidents.

These hazards not only jeopardize their well-being but also undermine their ability to provide quality care. At AONL New Orleans, nurses voiced their frustration with the status quo and expressed their desire for better workplace conditions.

Kwema rocked the booth, diving into conversations with nursing leaders to understand their stories and WPV concerns. You just needed to follow the pink to find us!


AONL: A Platform for Empowerment

The conference served as a catalyst for conversations about workplace safety. Nurses from diverse backgrounds and specialties came together to share their stories, experiences, and concerns. It was a space where their voices were heard, amplified, and validated.

Kwema hosted a Happy Hour where nurses got the chance to win one of the stunning handmade bags crafted by Kenya artisans who also support the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. Here's one of the winners choosing their prize! 

Nurses Leading the Change

Throughout the event, nurses emerged as leaders in advocating for change. They spoke passionately about the need for improved safety measures and rallied support from their peers. Their determination was palpable, igniting a sense of solidarity and collective action.

As nurses engaged in discussions and shared their insights, it became clear that change is not only necessary but overdue. The conference provided a platform for them to articulate their demands and push for concrete solutions. It was a call to action for the industry to prioritize the safety and well-being of its workforce.

Enjoying our time at Kwema’s Happy Hour learning from nurses!

AONL New Orleans was a testament to the power of nurses to effect change. Their advocacy and leadership underscored the urgency of addressing workplace safety issues and galvanized support for collective action. As we reflect on the conference, we are inspired by their resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the industry.


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