Safety Speakers Series 2: Jorge Cardona

“At the end of the day the goal is for every worker to go home safe and sound.”

We would like to welcome you all to the next installment of the Kwema interview series! In this next blog post, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jorge Cardona. He shared with us his experience working with the military as well as shared with us new experiences from his current work in safety. Jorge lives his life through the motto of “At the end of the day the goal is for every worker to go home safe and sound.” And through this interview shared how this is possible!

Kwema: I saw through your profile you have extensive military experience. Tell us more about your experience in the US navy.

Jorge: I’m grateful for my experience in the US Navy. In the early years I had the opportunity to work with great leaders who mentored me and shared their knowledge with me. As time went by I was able to become a leader, and revived the opportunity to mentor young sailors, I was able to see too it that I shared my knowledge. They were then able to also become mentors and leaders. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work in Aircraft Carriers, Frigates, as well as some overseas jobs which gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn from them. Additionally, the Navy gave me the opportunity to pursue my education and earn a Bachelor degree as well as certifications that assist me in transitioning from the military to the civilian sector.

Kwema: In relation to safety, what were your main responsibilities during the period you were in the US navy?

Jorge: Working on the flight deck of Aircraft Carriers; safety is a paramount. Launching and Recovering aircraft all personnel must be focused and work precisely. One mistake can be fatal. For this reason Safety briefs are conducted prior, during, and post flight deck evolutions. One job in particular was to observe personnel conducting flight deck operations safely and prevent unsafe behaviors that could lead someone getting hurt. The Safety Department also is in charge of conducting evaluations for every Department and every year Inspections teams come onboard to evaluate the efficiency of the Safety program.

Kwema: I noted that you are now working in a different field, what prompted this change?

Jorge: After retiring from the US Navy I proceed to work on my second Bachelor's Degree focusing on Safety. W. W. Gay Mechanical gave me the opportunity to work in the Safety field for several projects and I realized that personnel working in construction mechanical fields are exposed to hazards every day and must be able to identify, avoid, and prevent such hazards. Working in the Safety field part of my job is to provide training to personnel as well as assist them in the field to make sure training and knowledge to their job safely. At the end of the day the goal is for every worker to go home safe and sound.

Kwema: How has your previous experience helped you to perform the role you have now?

Jorge: My previous experience working in the military tremendously assisted me in my current job. This is because having worked throughout the country, the world, and with people from different backgrounds, as well as cultures has provided me with a unique point of view. This allows me to relate to projects and with the people I’m working with  in such projects who come from different fields, different parts of the country as well as different backgrounds focusing on one goal… Complete the project on time, and above all safely.

Kwema: In your view, how wearable technology like Kwema’s devices can help professionals that are in the same role you had, like in the US navy?

Jorge: Kwema’s devices sound promising especially in projects where the need for instant roll call is needed and accuracy dictates if security or emergency protocols must be activated.

Kwema: Finally, what have been some of the most important lessons you have learned across your career?

Jorge: There are several lessons….  One in particular is that mistakes will be made at some point, nobody is perfect…. However, accepting responsibility, staying humble and learning from these mistakes to avoid them in the future, sharing with others these experiences will lead you in becoming a good leader. Always appreciate the efforts of others and recognize their success. Never stop learning.

Kwema would like to thank Jorge Cardona for not only sharing his expertise in flight safety but also his leadership learning and former experiences in the military. We are excited to have had the chance to speak with Jorge Cardona, and hope that his knowledge can not only help our readers but encourage them to take safety seriously. We hope that you enjoyed this posting and we look forward to your feedback! 

About Jorge Cardona

 Working in the Safety field is challenging since hazards are always present all the time. Evaluating hazards and inform workers as well as Training them is a satisfaction for me. Trough out the years showing up to projects for assessments and having workers coming up to me Instead of avoiding me is a sign that I’m making a difference and contributing to stay safe.

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  • Bill Childers

    I am so glad to be on his team, he is a very important part of us construction workers. I have had the pleasure of working with him for many years now, I as an superintendent always loved him showing up on my jobs. WWGay has a strong ,talented, safety team. I have learned a lot from him and I know I will learn more in the future . Great job Jorge

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