Safety Speakers Series 4: Carman Bailey

This week for the Kwema Interview Series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Carman Bailey! He was kind enough to share his background in safety culture and give an in-depth look at how to own and operate a Safety Consulting firm as safety consulting can be a tough business to be in. Bailey explains how he got his start and in this interview plans. 

Kwema: Let’s start talking about your safety background. How did you start in this field?

Carman: I guess you could say that I have always been in safety, since my childhood, as I became a lifeguard at 14. So, first aid and safety have been a foundation laid all through high school and college. But it became a career after graduation and then bouncing around from job to job when my dad suggested I try this out, just as means to fill in a gap while I was between jobs. Almost immediately, I knew this was my career. 

Kwema: We found that you have your own consulting firm. What encouraged you to launch it?

Carman: The corporate structure soured me, to a certain extent. As in, I felt like my success was ultimately tied to my superior, as he was tied to his. And to be honest, no matter how hard you work, you are always one right person being pissed off at you away from being fired or held back. 

Kwema: In which areas and industries is your consulting firm specialized?
Carman: We specialize in commercial construction safety. 

Kwema: Do you believe that your consulting firm offers a different experience than others? And how? 

Carman: I feel like we offer a different experience as we are a boutique firm specializing in helping small and medium-sized companies transition to the next level. This is because I was the guy that had to review the materials needed to be accepted onto the job site of significant contractors. 

Kwema: Tell us about a particular project that was challenging for you. What did you learn from it?

Carman: Of my top 12 projects, about 3/4 were confidential. But I will say this, the key to success is speaking with clients and finding out their concerns for the project, and making sure to handle those concerns expeditiously. Whether it is the Army Corps of Engineers or an Internationally known, multibillion-dollar business...preemptively address their concerns and keep the lines of communication open.

Kwema: Based on your experience, what are the most critical factors that help to improve worker safety within companies?

Carman: The most crucial safety factor is culture. If the culture in place strongly emphasizes safety, you will have a great site. 

Kwema: What are your thoughts of Kwema wearable technology and how it is supporting professionals in managing and mitigating different workplace risks?

Carman: I am a tech guy, and I love anything that can scientifically help mitigate risks and keep the workers safe.

Kwema: What does future expansion look like for Carthaginian Consulting Co?

Carman: In 2021, we move into spaces with world-renowned clients while still offering smaller companies assistance.

Kwema: Lastly, what advice would you like to share with our audience? Specifically those who are thinking about launching their consulting firm in safety?

Carman: My advice is to make sure you build relationships at the project executive level or more significant. Superintendents and PM's have no power to bring you on. And secondly, understand the business side of it, not just the EHS part.

Kwema would like to thank Carman Bailey for sharing his knowledge and experience in the safety sector this week, speaking specifically about safety consulting. We hope that this provided our readers with new insights into this career path and more knowledge regarding safety culture. We hope that our readers are getting as much benefit out of this series as Kwema is! We are excited to hear your feedback and hear of anyone you think we should speak with in the comments below! 

About Carman Bailey

Carman Bailey was in between work when he was suggested to take the 30 OSHA certification program. Thanks to this opportunity, he was then able to get a job working in the safety industry, leading him to realize he had found a calling. While working as a Safety Coordinator for a concrete framework company, his boss saw this passion and encouraged Bailey to get another Certification at Georgia Tech. Once he had completed this next certification at Georgia Tech, Carman knew he had found the right niche. The classes and coursework inspired him to learn more, and he went on to receive a Construction Safety and Health Certificate. All of his education was happening while Carman was still working full time as a Safety Coordinator. Thus able to apply what he was learning in the classroom to his job. Following his certification from Georgia, Tech Bailey decided to get certified in safety and Health Management, leading him to launch his consulting firm to help startups get into the OSHA space and allow small companies to move onto more effective programs management and creation. Today his firm still operates in this space, yet he hopes to expand into the training and job placement field to help allow kids in low-income communities to learn the safety with all of us and the health trade.
To get in contact with Carman:
LinkedIn: Carman Bailey
Number: (m) 404.259.9487


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