Safety Speakers Series 5: Brandy Bossle

“Getting out of your comfort zone will help you grow personally and professionally in your career.”

Welcome back to another post from our Kwema Interview series! In this next blog post, we had the pleasure of speaking with Brandy Bossle. She shared her experiences working as a corporate and environmental safety manager at AVX Corporation in South Carolina. Brandy mapped out her journey to the position and what a day looks like working as a corporate and environmental safety manager. Brandy also told us a quote by which she lives her life, which is, “Getting out of your comfort zone will help you grow personally and professionally in your career.” 

Kwema: You seem to be very passionate about safety. Tell us about your background in this field.

Brandy: My name is Brandy Bossle. I work in Greenville, South Carolina. I started my career off as an Industrial Hygienist for a consulting firm. I then transitioned to an Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialist at AVX Corporation. After four years, I moved into the role of Corporate Environmental and Safety Manager, also for AVX Corporation.

Kwema:  How do you believe that safety culture has changed in the past 12 months?

Brandy: The past 12 months have been rough for most. Most companies like AVX have taken care of their employees and have shown them that they care about their health and safety during the pandemic. Suppose companies have provided their workers with factual information on the COVID-19 pandemic, offered a safe space for employees to work, and followed the CDC, OSHA, and their local health department’s many recommendations. In that case, employees are in good hands, and the safety culture should improve knowing that employers are looking out for their employees’ health and safety.

Kwema: What are your thoughts on the use of Kwema’s wearable technology in your industry? 

Brandy: Wearable technology such a Kwema is a great way to be prepared for potentially hazardous situations. Having a notification system that is always available and is easy to use is essential and is a critical component of an emergency action plan.

Kwema: We noticed that you have volunteered in the American Society of Safety Professionals since 2019. How has this experience contributed to your career? Could you share with us some of the activities you do in your current role?

Brandy: Volunteering with a professional organization has many benefits from networking, making friends and connections with the same mindset as you, and meeting EHS professionals in your community. I love discovering EHS professionals with expertise in a particular topic as they can be referenced if help is needed!

Being a member of ASSP and attending monthly meetings helps you learn technical information and allows an individual to discover new technology such as Kwema’s wearables that you can use to improve your facility’s health and safety. As Vice President of the Piedmont Chapter in South Carolina, I assist with setting up monthly meetings to provide value to our members and keep track of the types of activities that benefit our members. We also plan and implement a Professional Development Conference for the members of our community. This year, our meetings have been virtual, which allows for more professionals to attend, even if they are not in our local area.

Kwema: We believe that you are a lead example for many professionals due to your expertise and all the involved activities. Which advice would you share with our audience to become better safety leaders in their industry?

Brandy: I would recommend to all safety professionals to get out of their comfort zone! Ask to be on a podcast, a volunteer with an EHS professional organization, or write a book! Getting out of your comfort zone will help you grow personally and professionally in your career.

Kwema: Finally, what does the future look like for you career-wise?

Brandy: I am looking forward to continuing to help AVX enhance all sites in Environmental, Health, and Safety aspects by being a valuable resource and implementing initiatives that will boost employee and supervisor engagement and finding and fixing hazards.

Kwema is excited to have had the opportunity to speak with Brandy for this blog post. The insights she shared into her work as a corporate and environmental safety manager was eye-opening. Kwema hopes that our readers got as much out of this interview as we did. We loved Brandy’s recommendation regarding getting out of your comfort zone! Thank you to Brandy Bossle. If you know anyone else we should speak to for this series, please let us know! 

About Brandy Bossle

Brandy Bossle started her career off as an Industrial Hygienist. She moved from that role to an Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialist for AVX Corporation. Last year, she transitioned to AVX’s Corporate Environmental and Safety Manager for over 14,000 employees. She has her Certified Safety Professional Certification and her Associate Safety Professional Certification. In 2020, Brandy won 1 st place for the SPOTY or Safety Professional of the Year Award from J.J Keller. Brandy has been volunteering in professional safety and environmental organizations for a few years now. She currently volunteers with the Air and Waste Management Association as a Director of the South Atlantic States Section and the American Society of Safety Professionals in the Piedmont Chapter in South Carolina as Vice President.
To get in contact with Brandy:
LinkedIn: Brandy Bossle
Twitter: @SafetyBran
Instagram: @SafetyBran

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