What is #HavHope and how to support it?

On June 2nd, we come together to observe the seventh annual Hospitals Against Violence #HAVHope Friday—a national day of awareness dedicated to shining a spotlight on the relentless efforts of hospitals and health systems across America in combating violence within their workplaces and communities. This significant initiative serves as a reminder of the importance of partnerships, innovation, and creative thinking in building safe environments for both healthcare workers and the community at large.


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Addressing Community Violence

#HAVHope extends its focus beyond the walls of healthcare institutions and aims to tackle broader community violence issues such as human trafficking, gun violence, and mass violence incidents. By raising awareness and promoting prevention strategies, we strive to create a society free from violence. Join us as we work together to end violence in our communities by visiting aha.org/HAVhope for valuable resources and information.

Building a Safe Workplace and Community

Hospitals and health systems continue to spearhead efforts to create safe environments for their workforce and patients. Through partnerships, innovations, and creative thinking, they are developing and implementing policies, procedures, and practices that mitigate violence. By using the hashtag #HAVHope, we invite you to share what your organization is doing in this regard. Together, we can operate as a united front and inspire others with best practices that forge a path toward a future filled with hope.

The Four Pillars of a Comprehensive Violence Mitigation Strategy

The framework of "Building a Safe Workplace and Community" forms the foundation for a comprehensive violence mitigation strategy. It encompasses four pillars necessary for successful implementation:

1. Prevention: Promoting awareness and education on violence prevention, fostering respectful and nonviolent communication, and developing community partnerships.

2. Protection: Implementing security measures, utilizing technology for surveillance, and ensuring the physical safety of healthcare facilities.

3. Mitigation: Establishing protocols for early identification of potentially violent situations, providing training for staff on de-escalation techniques, and creating a supportive culture that encourages reporting incidents.
4. Recovery: Offering support services for victims, including access to counseling, resources, and advocacy.

What now?

How to support #HAVHope?

There are several ways to actively support the #HAVHope movement and contribute to the mission of combating violence in healthcare:

    • Educate Yourself and Others: Take the time to learn more about the issues surrounding violence in healthcare settings and the efforts being made to address them. Share this knowledge with others, raising awareness and fostering understanding.

    • Attend Events and Campaigns: Stay informed about conferences, workshops, and campaigns focused on violence prevention in healthcare. Participate in these events to gain insights, network, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

    • Donate and Volunteer: Support national or local organizations dedicated to violence prevention in healthcare by donating funds or volunteering your time and skills. Your contributions can help them implement impactful programs and initiatives.

    Further information can be found on AHA website.


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