What is the best way to incentivize employees in safety?

There have always been questions and divided opinions about the way employers incentivize employees. When it comes to safety, many professionals agree that when employees are rewarded through incentives, the way they perform their work can improve as well as their behavior. On the other hand, many others agree that incentives such as gift cards and bonuses make employees not report injuries or hide incidents for fear of losing the incentive.

However, incentives that include recognition activities seem to be the most effective ways to build trust among employees to maintain them productive, motivated, and importantly ensure proactive safety behaviors.

In the infographic below, we share with you some key points you should consider if you want to incentivize your employees in safety.

Kwema helps companies make them safer places by providing safety wearables to employees which can mitigate potential risks and hazards employees are exposed to. Our safety devices have the capability of activating an emergency protocol, alerting safety supervisors or 911, and are designed to avoid adoption hurdles and training costs.

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Photo by fauxels on Pexels  How can I reward employees for their hard work in 2020?  How do I incentivize my employees?  How do you reward good employees?  How do you incentivize good behavior?


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