Why is Contact Tracing a key strategy to prevent COVID-19 spread?

In some countries, contact tracing has been a key strategy to combat COVID-19 spread successfully, and technology has played an important role in its implementation. Due to contact tracing effectiveness, businesses are considering it as a measure to protect employees from COVID-19 outbreaks at the workplace. In fact, a PwC survey found that evaluating new tools to support workforce location tracking and contact tracing is within the top 10 strategies that companies are planning to implement once they start returning to the workplace in the US.

In the following infographic, you can learn more about Contact Tracing and how it works.

what is contact tracing and how it works

contact tracing apps

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what is contact tracing for covid 19

what is contact tracing and how does it work

what is contact tracing and why is it important

what is contact tracing technology


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